Kristin Kandyba

My yoga journey began in 2004. After taking only a few classes I experienced some of the calming and grounding effects of the practice, and it has been a transformative love affair ever
since. I love how yoga helps me to feel grounded in the body and reminds me to stay centred through the breath. On a deeper level, yoga helps me to be more awake in the world by
fostering equanimity and compassion. I have been inspired by many teachers over the years, and hope that I can do the same for others. I love teaching because I want to empower
people to be more connected to their bodies, and encourage self-care and self-inquiry. When not practicing yoga, I enjoy cooking, reading, running, travelling and snuggling my two
My favourite pose is ardha chandrasana (half moon) because I love the opposing energies of rooting down for a calm and steady balance, while radiating outwards through the crown,
arms and the lifted leg. To me, this pose embodies vitality and grace.