New to yoga?

Are you thinking about trying yoga? Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. The biggest hurdle to trying something new, is just actually starting.

Yoga has many physical and emotional benefits and can truly change your life for the better. Science-based benefits of yoga include relieving stress and anxiety, reducing chronic pain and inflammation, improving sleep and increasing strength, balance and flexibility - to name a few. Your body and mind will thank you! Just remember there is no judgement in yoga. It's your practice, just for you. 


Many people come to the Yoga Vine as beginners. You will feel at home and comfortable at our studio if you are brand new or a seasoned practitioner.


Look for Gentle Hatha & Restorative classes on our class schedule. These are the perfect place to start out your practice. 

Or consider a private session to learn the fundamentals one-on-one.


Just yourself, in comfortable light clothing. You can bring your mat, but we also provide mats, water, yoga props and everything you need to enjoy your practice. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to your class to give yourself time to relax and meditate.