Jillian D'Archi

Studio Owner/Yoga & Pilates Instructor/Social Change Student

My spritual journey began to unfold as my curiosity grew out of the powerful personal observances I was making both on and off my yoga mat. Originally, it was the physicality of yoga that I fell in love with over 15 years ago, but over the years I came to realize that my practice makes me more aware of my thoughts, my desires and my soul seeking inner voice. This practice inspired me to seek more truths whithin my internal world as well as the world around me. I will forever continue to study yoga and I love teaching meditative Gentle Hatha classes as well as fiery flows that challenge and burn!

I also have a passion for exploring and discussing different social issues and encouraging myself and my community to continue learning and seeking new ways to give back and to see things with an open heart and mind.

After spending many years trying to find balance in my life as a busy mom of two with my career in corporate marketing and communications, I felt unfulfilled and unsettled. 

Thirsty to learn more about my yoga practice and dig deeper into self reflection, I knew I wanted more out of life. Pursuing my yoga teacher training changed everything. Inspired by a sense of purpose to connect with others in deeper, more meaningful ways - The Yoga Vine is a true passion project fueled by love, light and unity.