Sport & exercise medicine consultations

Sport & Exercise Medicine is a health care field that encompasses a spectrum-  from injury diagnosis and rehabilitation, to promotion of exercise (and all of its wonderful and positive health benefits), to education on injury prevention and maintaining performance.
Sports Medicine is often misinterpreted as just treating competitive athletes, however the majority of patients seen by Sport Medicine Physicians are not professional athletes, but people everyday who wish to stay or get active, or improve their function in their daily lives. 

Integrating exercise into your health care

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians are medical doctors who typically have a variety of backgrounds- from family medicine and emergency medicine, to physical medicine and rehab, to orthopedic surgeons and neurologists- who have a special interest and additional training in Sport Medicine, and have passed a standardized competency exam through the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The environment to which Sport Medicine Physicians work is also quite variable- from a community sport or rehabilitation medical clinic, to a high level performance centre, to the sideline of a field of play. Almost invariably Sport Medicine

Physicians will work with other members of a health care team (physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc) to oversee the overall care of an individual and ensure progress, to educate, order appropriate diagnostic tests when needed, and to troubleshoot problems if they arise. 

A Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician will assess patients for numerous reasons. Examples include:

  • Acute or chronic injury, or dysfunction/pain (ie recent knee injury, longstanding shoulder pain)

  • Developing specific and individualized exercise "prescriptions" for treating or maintaining chronic disease (ie osteoarthritis, diabetes)

  • Pre-participation screening and advice for individuals wishing to start exercising, or begin to play a sport or activity

  • Concussion assessment and treatment 

  • Treating more common medical conditions that affect athletes (ie asthma, adolescent health, etc). 




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Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM): www.

Exercise is Medicine Canada:

Dr. Santino DePetrillo - MD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Med

Dr. Santino (Tino) DePetrillo completed a fellowship in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Toronto in 2013, and the Diploma of Sport Medicine Exam through Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. He is currently practicing as a family, sports and emergency room physician in Beamsville and Grimsby, Ontario. He has previously worked as a rural physician in Northern Ontario and holds an academic appointment at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He holds a Focused Practice designation through the Ministry of Health and the Canadian College of Family Physicians. 

Dr DePetrillo has completed the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program through McMaster University. He has covered various sports teams and events, including the Toronto Argonauts, the Toronto Rock, the Pan Am Games, the Mississauga Marathon, The Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and various varsity teams at the University of Toronto. 

He has an interest in general sports/MSK medicine, exercise promotion, osteoarthritis care, acupuncture, and acute care medicine. He and his wife Lorna have 4 children and live in Beamsville. He enjoys sports and has competed at the varsity, provincial and national level in squash and keeps active with biking, skiing, tennis, and golf. 

How to book an appointment with our Sports Medicine Physician:



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