Hazel Bowles

Hazel L. Bowles is a long time practitioner of yoga, having found it again over 10 years ago,
after a break for many years. As her children became self-sufficient, the timing was right for
Hazel to complete her teacher certification in 2018 with Katie McClelland at De La Sol Yoga in
Hamilton. In her other life, Hazel is a registered occupational therapist and certified life care
planner. She has experience assessing and treating people with complex physical, cognitive, and
psychosocial issues. Hazel has presented on numerous occasions on both Life Care Planning and
Occupational Therapy, and has been a guest lecturer and tutor at McMaster University in the
Occupational Therapy program. Hazel has also testified in the courts of Ontario as an expert
witness in the fields of life care planning and occupational therapy respectively. Hazel enjoys
using her knowledge as an occupational therapist to help those with all different abilities enjoy
the practice of yoga!