with Brad Fedorchuk

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GSY is a unique brain to muscle re-education that combines traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques, and visualizations to expand your awareness of self. Through customized movements, muscles are reprogrammed to disolve chronic pain, improve range of motion, and regain strength and control. You will be guided into an experience where you will be invited to feel a conscious alignment of mind/body/spirit.

GSY is a safe common sense approach to reverse chronic pain, and increase your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

GSY is an effective form of mind-body training that involves movement and re-education. GSY goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and organizes the muscles and movement. 

Somatic yoga particularly helps relieve pain and disability associated with common health complaints such as headaches, stiff or painful joints and muscle(arthitis) , fatigue, poor posture, breathing problems, range of motion issues, accident trauma, back pain, and repetitive use/stress injuries.